Frequently Asked Questions…

Who is this for?

This is for anyone who wants to preserve a story…grandparents who wants to make sure certain stories are never forgotten…someone who wants their parent(s) or grandparent(s) to record their stories for them…a member of a family-run business who wants to record the story of their business’ history and what it has meant to the family…etc.

I don’t want to be on video. Can I just do an Audio Interview?

Yes. No problem at all. We will still collect all the stories you want to record on my audio recording equipment so I can make an audiobook for you and your family. I can ask the same questions I do for the videos, and you can also add anything else you’d like to talk about.

How does this work?

First…please contact me with any questions you have (after looking through this website to get a better understanding of what I can do for you).

I will answer any questions you have and then if you want to schedule a video package, just go to the Packages page and select the option you want.

After your selection is processed, you’ll receive an email receipt. In that email is a link to schedule a Pre-Interview Planning visit. At that first visit, we’ll pick a comfortable filming location at your place and I’ll make sure I can fit my equipment (my camera and a couple of lights) at that spot. And we’ll go over topics you’d like to talk about on your video. (For audio- only interviews, we’ll just go over the topics you want to talk about.)

Then after that 1st visit, we will schedule a date and time for me to come back to record the actual interview (the second visit). The interview (it’s more like a friendly conversation) will last anywhere from 90 minutes to 2 ½ hours.

At the beginning of the second visit when we do the interview, I need about 20 minutes to set up my equipment, and then it will be us sitting down and having a conversation (that we planned out and discussed at the pre-planning visit). You can talk about anything you want, and I also have some general topics (Click Here for general topics) to give you some ideas.

I can also take pictures of some of your photos to include in your video if you’d like.

Total time I could be with you is about 2 to 3 hours.

Click Here to see a timeline of the whole process.

Can two people do it at once?

Absolutely. I can adapt to what you want (husband and wife, several family members, etc.). For a husband and wife, I can film both together, and then do each separately. It’s best to keep each interview to just one or two people though.

We will work out the details before the day of the recording, so we know what we can fit into our recording session.

How long before I get the final edited video?

About two to three weeks after recording, I will send you a link to preview an edited version of your audio and video. If you like it, I will make final preparations and produce the final version. If you want me to change anything, I’ll make those changes and ask you to approve it before I create the finished version.

About four to six weeks after your interview, you will get a copy of your materials (DVD, hardcover book , audio book, etc, depending on the option you choose).

Can’t I just do all this myself…or have someone I know do it for me?

If you have someone who has all the equipment, knows how to use all of it correctly, and then has the time, patience and skill to do all the editing plus all of the rest of the specific things that will make your audio and video professionally finished…then, yes…you can have them do it for you.

The important thing is that you actually have it done, no matter who does it, so that the rest of your family will know your stories and future generations will know where they came from. And they’ll get to see it and hear it directly from you.

It seems like a lot of money for just recording a video. Can’t I just get a relative to do this on their iphone or ipad?…

Yes. If you have someone who can do everything that is necessary, absolutely. (See the question and answer above this one.)

As for the investment in having it done for you…I don’t produce just “o.k.” work. I will create something you’ll be proud of. To be able to do that, I invest in the necessary equipment, like a high-def video camera, professional audio recording devices, lighting, editing software, etc).

And I continuously invest in my own skill level, as well as pay people who are good at things like editing and transcribing, and formatting the DVD’s and printed books, etc., so that the materials that are produced for you are top notch items.

Plus, included in the investment is the time needed for a pre-interview meeting where we’ll plan out exactly what you want to talk about so it will be a smooth, relaxed process. Again…I want to give you something that you’ll be proud of and that others in your family will be proud of forever.

Also, think about some of the things you’ve bought over the years. A lot of it has been thrown away. And even big investments like cars have eventually stopped working and are now rusting in a scrap yard somewhere.

But your life stories will NEVER go away. They will live forever and will be enjoyed by your family and each new generation. How much is it worth to have that kind of unforgettable legacy? You deserve it, and I want to give that to you.